TVS Apache RTR Efi 160cc Review

I am here to present the TVS Apache RTR 160 Review. I don’t know how TVS got one if its bikes to the front. I’m not a big raver of TVS, but this bike is certainly better than many others that I’ve seen so far.

How does it look?

The looks didn’t actually kick me off my feet but TVS when compared to older bikes form TVS, this is much better. The tank is ergonomically designed for the legs to nicely fit in. The design is manly and will certainly make a few heads turn. Visit online for more details There are racing stripes along the length of the bike, giving it a sporty look. The moment you sit on the seat, the difference in the handle bars is immediately noticeable. They move separately while the speedometer and the place where you insert the key is fixed and are always in front of you, much like in the Hero Honda Karizma. The heart shaped RTR 160 logo is nothing less than beautiful. The taillights could have been better, but are not exactly ugly. The rear chains are left naked (fashionable!) -something I’ve admired much in foreign bikes. If you’re looking more for looks in a bike, the TVS Apache RTR shouldn’t be anywhere out of your choice list!

How does it perform?

When I first accelerated, the bike would have flown off with me if I hadn’t been a bit more careful! Don’t look at the specifications because they totally deceive you! I couldn’t resist rechecking the specifications after my first test drive. There’s a 270 mm front disc break in the front, and ther’s an optional rear disc break. The dashboard has a speedometer and a digital console, which displays lots of info like how many kms you have driven so far, speed, fuel capacity, clock and ODO meter. It’s kind of like Karizma and Pulsar put together in a wonderful blend.

Final Verdict:

As I said, I’m not a big fan of TVS, but I would certainly put the Apache RTR into my choice list. It’s not actually reigning out, but it’s not a failure either. The Apache has three versions – the Apache RTR, the Apache RTR Refresh and the Apcahe RTR Efi. The yellow Apaches cost Rs.1000 extra. So those who own yellow Apaches have something more to boast about! The Apache is a great competitor for the CBZ and Pulsar, but may stand out a bit in features and raw power. The TVS Apache RTR is certainly one bike to consider!